Nokia N98 Mobile Phone Review

Published: 22nd February 2008
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The Nokia N98 is the latest handset from Nokia which offers a wonderful collection of novel features. With is 7.2 mega pixel camera and advanced touch screen, this phone is truly worth accolades.

Nokia has been always applauded for its pioneering designs and innovative handsets. No other brand can give competition when it comes to cutting edge technology and great efficacy that Nokia incorporates while manufacturing its brilliant handsets. The durability, style and efficiency which every Nokia phone offers to its customers is the major reason behind its popularity of worldwide. The Nokia N98 is another great phone from Nokia; you will be simply wooed by the stunning array of features it offers. The phone has a wonderful camera which gives you marvelous pictures and wonderful videos. The GPS receiver helps you locate places and find directions with great ease. This phone is a great combination of high end technology, latest features, great design and unmatchable performance. The Phone has everything you can ever imagine from your mobile phone. The phone comes with awesome music features that rejuvenate you, a Bluetooth wireless connection and astounding Internet access.

The handset has a highly advanced and efficient 7.2 mega pixel camera with which you can capture the most precious moments and times of your life in pictures and videos. The 5x Zoom offers you a wonderful close up and the Carl Zeiss lens ensures you get the best clarity. The phone is considered to be one of the best camera latest Nokia phones ever. It comes with an amazing 3.5 inch large Touch screen which offers the most awesome display. The high definition display of the phone is really commendable and you can use the advanced 3D graphics accelerator to develop your creativity and have wonderful effects on your Images. You can watch great videos and photographs on the awesome display of your phone. Read More...

The N96i is reported to be having 4 GB of built-in memory that could also be expanded by using a microSD memory card in case of a memory shortage. The handset will soon be available in the markets around the world. The device will come packaged with a wall charger, a battery and a USB cab

As a whole, this product from the just released the 8600 Luna's design, but it interface with the Apple iPhone strongly style, especially among the main menu that 12 huge and incomparable style cartoon icons, with Apple's Mac OS is very similar. The Nokia N98 hardware configuration can be said to be quite dreamy. The aircraft is not only equipped with a 16 million-color VGA (480 x 640) resolution TFT touch screen can also have a 7.2 million pixel "Carl Zeiss" automatic??head, and supports 5 optical variable coke and 20x digital zoom. Elsewhere, a Nokia N98 built-in GPS satellite positioning module, support for Bluetooth transmission and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11bg / n) wireless Internet functions. HSDPA can work in the high-speed wireless data network, the Nokia N98 course, which has a 3-D accelerator to enable product graphics performance scaling new heights. However, precisely because of the above Nokia N98 has so many super hardware configuration, the aircraft could not help but let us doubt the authenticity. Ultimately if it can really become a reality for the broad masses "of fans," we also need to cost the on the.

It's believed that this pic is the Nokia N98, Nokia is planning to announce a bunch of phones at 3GSM and the Nokia N98 maybe one of them on display. There is no info on it yet but we will keep you updated.

All of Nokia's N series mobile phones come equipped with a camera and a built in web browser. They also feature a high resolution display. Most of them sport a touch sensitive TFT display with an intelligent T9 text input application. Some handsets have a full QWERTY keyboard with well spaced keys. Nokia's most N Series handsets have a user friendly ergonomics and sleek looks. Many of them feature a slide opening mechanism. Their built in web browser shows internet pages in their true formats.

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